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What We Do

We rapidly accelerate companies with new revenue channels and business partners.  Aligning companies with the right industry partners and building revenue strategy and funding roadmap to future-proof their business.   

We select 3% of companies that we source, focusing on new revenue and future funding.  We typically take on companies already in revenue and have raised previous founding of at least 500k USD.  Verticals include DLT, deep tech, ag-tech, biotech but not limited to.

Since founded, we have an 80% success rate in helping companies generate new revenue and funding rounds.

We started by utilizing our market advantages with image recognition and social analytics to help companies with product clarity and marketing insights.  Founded in 2013 as a venture building firm.

Focusing on Venture Building and Company Acceleration in the cross-border market with over 160 in-network investors that we serve as strategic deal-flow pipelines.

Company Acceleration, Revenue Growth Portfolio

Life sciences product and manufacturing acceleration platform for COVID19 response technology.

First Defi NFT market place on Binance Smart Chain, invested by Binance and Mr. Beast

Defi financing for global trade and manufacturing, backed by MakerDAO and Centrifuge.

Genome and health data vault providing data ownership management rights and data analysis.

Hearing improvement and brain plasticity stimulation technology (pre-IPO in Korea).

Location based reward push system and reward marketplace for reward and discount for O2O industries.

Korean beauty subscription box service and beauty content aggregator.

Paperless logistic system for P2P shipping and online social product exchange platform.

Crowdfunding and discovery platform for sports clubs and athletes.

Digital asset and stocks transaction analysis tool for KYC and high risk alerting.

Digital collectable and license sales platform focusing around cross platform game character licensing.

Chelpis is a technology team focusing on Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, IoT, hardware wallet, Security. Building Quantum proof security protocols for the DLT space.

Interactive Roll-outs and Marketing

Event and Marketing Portfolio

Our Strategy Partners

The Microsoft ScaleUp program is aimed at building deep partnerships between the startups and Microsoft business partners.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform.

Top smartphone and consumer electronics brand, focusing on 5G, VR/AR and DLT.

DLT framework and fintech solution corporate with over 30 institutional banking partners.

Exchange, wallet, and the media platform.

A premiere global digital asset trading platform based in New York.

Leading globally operated crypto exchange.

Data analytics and machine learning solutions technology, providing B2B and enterprise tech solutions.

Hiring & Management solutions for Asia soft-landing and technical team buildout.

Enable businesses to grow by interweaving strategy, virality, and design through beautiful websites, apps and platforms.

The leader in green energy and waste management in Greater China.

The largest and longest running pre-seed acceleration program world-wide with over 100 chapters.